Stong support-hollow bar

Heavy civil infrastructure projects can be some of the most difficult to coordinate and build. From site development and excavation to construction, coordinating utilities and site restoration there are many challenges faced on these complex projects.The reinforcement of expansive soil cutting slope has been a difficulty for the construction industry. And Sinorock carries a wide range of self drilling rock anchors to fit a variety of construction projects. You can choose among various lengths, load ratings and materials to find the perfect self drilling hollow anchor bars to safely complete your project.
Providing a ultimate load range from 261kN to 7909kN. All Sinorock self drilling rock bolt utilise a small diameter greased filled high density polyethylene sheathing, allowing for a greater number of individual strands to be contained in a given drill hole size.
Sinorock self drilling hollow anchor bars are used for rock reinforcement in Mining and Tunneling. Self drilling rock bolts limit the loosening of blocks out of the rock mass and shear displacements. Furthermore, the frictional force between individual rock layers is increased. Self drilling rock bolts with a variable anchor length enable pre-tensioning and thus an active force transmission.
There are also a great many other benefits of hollow anchor bar,include corrosion-prevention,long longevity,low density,environmental friendly,convenient,light,high tensile stress,easy cut,easy recycling,non-conducting and so on.
When you use hollow anchor bar of Sinorock, a large amounts of problems have been soloved in the manufacturing process and it is well apllicable to the poor ground conditions,such as loose soil,weak rocks,unsolidable layers and so on.
Sinorock's hollow anchor bar system is designed and fabricated to the international standards as set forth in the Post-Tensioning Institute’s Recommendations for Pre-stressed Rock and Soil Anchors. Bearing capacity is a function of the steel capacity as well as the geotechnical holding capacity.
Capacity of steel should be confined to 90% maximum test loading capacity and 60% lock-off load for permanent operation. Geotechnical capacity is a function of ground bond stress characteristics which can be moderated by necessary anchoring procedures.  

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Efficient Hollow threaded rod

Sinorock is a structural engineering company specializing in design for excellent hollow bar anchor system and is recognized as an industry authority in these fields.Sinorock's foremost strength is its innovative approach to solving unique engineering problems.
Sinorock has advanced hollow threaded rod factory,and we have completed more than 500 projects of specialist nature around the world, thus giving us a wealth of experience and understanding in this area of practice.Sinorock believes that ‘honesty is the best policy’, even in the highly competitive world of business. Throughout our twenty years of performance on the market,Sinorock has cultivated a reputation of integrity and professionalism in dealing with clients and business partners across the world, prioritizing your trust in us as the foundation of our company. Sinorock has been a complete manufacturing, marketing and sales company of “Anchor Systems” for over 10 years offering solutions worldwide to the utility and civil construction markets, landscape and horticultural markets and erosion control and specialty markets.

For these years,Sinorock has been renowned for its high quality products and technical expertise within the Building and Civil Engineering Industry.
Free technical support is available for all our customers in the Trade sector.Our technical advisory team can be contacted by phone, email or online.For technical advice or details of our extensive range of products please contact the Sinorock Technical Advisory Service. We will deal with any enquiries promptly.
Up to now,Sinorock hollow injection bolt systems have been exported to Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, North America,South America and widely used in tunneling, mining, hydroelectric station and civil construction. In future,Sinorock aims to be a global brand in the field of geotechnical anchoring.All this time, Sinorock is devoting itself to providing one-stop rock anchoring solution, which is safe, efficient, energy-saving and environment friendly, for global geotechnical anchoring projects.  

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Drilled hollow bar

Whether you are looking to construct or repair a commercial runway, apron, or taxiway with stringent ASFA specifications, or you are looking for a contractor that has the skill and expertise to meet the demands of the Department of Defense, Sinorock is your hollow bar supplier for civil construction of choice.
With high quality self drilling hollow anchor bar system ,Sinorock leading anchoring subjects have been exported to more than twenty countries and have been taken into use in a great many conditions like mines,tunnels,hydroelectric projects,civil constructions,transportations and other geological engineerings.
For mining applications, the Sinorock Drill Hollow Bar System is used as self drilling
rock bolt in areas of high stress at pillars, crossheads or abutments.
Other applications include the use of the self-drilling bar as an injection
conduit for resin, grout or water proofing agents.
Spiles provide a protective canopy, toenable the heading of a tunnel to be
advanced without the risk of falling debris. Often used with NATM
— New Austrian Tunneling Method —construction.
Sinorock Drill Hollow Bar System Spiles enable drilled installation, reducing
localised disruption and providinga conduit for grouting. Subsequent grouting assists in the consolidation of the surrounding ground.
Corrosion protection for the hollow grouted bars can be accomplished via any desired methods currently used. The force transmitting drill bit can be made of stainless steel, which can handle any compressive force that is place on it. The hollow soil nail bar is the only component of the system that experiences the tensile forces placed upon the system, which can also be made of stainless steel.

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Hollow bar for highway

For now, this highway is a bright spot for tourism, because it combines project with natural scenery. Of course, it is convenient for people’ life and will bring benefit to local people.But there are plenty of mountains and rivers in China, So highway must cross this area.
While based on complex geological conditions, the security and supporting effect are more important, so hollow bar system is quite necessary.

With the development of sedimentation, the amount of sediment is increasing and the volume turns bigger, which will bring difficulties for project. So based on terrain condition and projects’ safety, self drilling hollow bar plays a quite important role.
Self drilling hollow bar can not only make construction more convenient and efficient, but also have effect for permanent supporting.
Self drilling hollow bar, as an efficient anchoring method, usually applies in weak and broken conditions. As for the projects with severe sediment accumulation, it has much more advantages:
1. Self drilling hollow bar combines drilling, grouting and anchoring together, it is high-quality, time-saving and easy to operate.
2. Self drilling hollow bar adopts special thread on its surface, so it can connect with other assorted machines smoothly.
3. Self drilling hollow bar can be cut according to your demand.
4. Self drilling hollow bar can be used for permanent support in weak conditions. It has enough pre-stress to control the deformation of project.

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Strong hollow bar support

In recent years, as the demand of the engineering projects supporting operations and development,hollow bar support became the main material requirements.With the common application of hollow anchor bolt,anchor bolt suppliers and manufacturers also have occurred.
And the awarencess of quality is increasing,Sinorock is the best bolt manufacturer at the quality control,why Sinorock put the qualiy on the first,because quality is the life and soul of an enterprise.
As the leading self drilling hollow bar manufacturer,Sinorock focus on your requirements because the end result is as important to us as it is to you. That’s why we add value every step of the way whilst remaining on time and within budget.
Sinorock is the self drilling hollow bar manufacturer in the market for its strict quality control system.So choose us is equivalent to choose saftey.Sinorock is recognized for its excellent quality, delivery performance, innovative management and perfect service system.In addition,many products we have developed have become industry standards.The products we provide are all kinds of self drilling hollow bar and the corresponding accessories.Our products received the consistent high praise by the customers.Sinorock now is a reliable self drilling hollow bar manufacturer with the ISO & CE certificates.
Over years of progress have consistently made us realize that more than products,it is understanding the client’s requirement and giving maximum services to the customer is what makes us stand apart from others.
We strive to scale a new height in the industry by satisfying our customers with innovative range of quality products. We continuously bring improvements and think of new ways to make our products better.   

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Best hollow bar system

Self drilling hollow bar system has been widely used, it can create great effect on anchoring and restraining weathering by ejecting concrete.This kind of method can improve the whole carrying capacity of surrounding rocks and prevent collapse.In the field of
Self drilling hollow bar system manufacturing area,Sinorock should be put on the first place.

Self drilling hollow bar consists of hollow anchor bar, drill bit, anchor coupling, anchor plate, anchor nut. self drilling hollow bar combines drilling, anchoring, grouting in a single process.
For every part of the self drilling hollow bar, each accessory has its own function. Anchor coupling is used to connect two or more anchor bars together to extend the length of the self drilling hollow bar. Drill bit is used to drill hole in the rock. Anchor nut and anchor plate required tension.

Self drilling hollow bar can be installed into many kinds of soils and ground conditions, such as sand, gravel, inconsistent fill, boulders, rubble and weathered rock, and so on. self drilling anchor bolt can be used to soil nail for road widening, railway embankments, ground anchors temporyary works and sheet pile tie back. It also can be used to mini piles for stabilisation of footing and underpinning, roof bolts or spiles for tunneling.
Sinorock now manufactures and supplies a complete range of hollow anchor bar products and technical services to the related industries,such as the civil and tunnelling industries.
Sinorock acts as a strong partner and manufacturing hollow anchor bar supplier for the mining,
tunneling,slope stabilization and foundation support industry, devoted to provide the best products and services to its customers including design, development, production and galvanization with on demand construction installation services and maintenance options.
Sinorock’s hollow anchor bar system effectively improve the stability of underground rock masses.
The increased load bearing capacity of the rock conditions enables an early construction start, thus
providing both technical and economic advantages.  

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Cost-effictive hollow bar

Self drilling hollow anchor bar system, one of efficient supporting methods, has played important role in reinforcing and supporting engineering. As for underground engineering, such as metro station and foundation pit supporting, self drilling anchor system can bond itself to soil and ground, which can enhance integrity and cohesiveness, avoid deformation and collapse.
Before construction of self drilling anchor, there are several preparing works to be done:
1. Master conditions of basic and underground pipelines in construction area.
2. Judge adverse effects from self drilling anchor construction to surrounding structures and pipelines. Relevant precaution measures should be planned, in advance.
3. Test self drilling anchor’s production craft, methods of tension and lock, equipment.
4. Identify grouting craft and grouting equipment.
5. Check raw materials’ variety, quality, model and inspection report.
Main construction equipment during process are drilling machine and grouting equipment. Before equipment entering construction site, they should be checked completely.
There are two kinds of professional people at construction site: technical operator and contributor. To guarantee their safety, all the design and operation works should be abided by the rules, especially at underground and closed space.   

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Effective hollow bar system

The self drilling anchor system of Sinorock are a totally innovative and effective method for constructions.We work to provide you with as broad a range of innovative products as possible and we strive continuously to expand our current range and to develop products with a strong focus on durability and the environment.
Sinorock is a hollow bar manufacturer specializing in design for underground-projects—Sinorock for underground construction and is recognizedas an industry authority in these fields.Sinorock associates foremost strength is its innovative approach to solving unique engineering problems.The sizes we can provide include R25, R32, R38, R51, T30, T40, T52, T73, T76, T103, T111, T127, T130.
Sinorock hollow bar products have a wide range of applications in civil and tunneling industries, including tunnel reinforcement/refurbishment, cliff and slope reinforcement, wall stabilization, rock-netting retention, parapet wall reinforcement, and gabion basket anchors. It is Sinorock’s service-orientated philosophy and ultimate goal to offer the best in customer service while creating a win-win strategy for each customer.
Sinorock is proud to offer only the most durable, high-quality materials for any type of construction project. Our specialty is self drilling anchor,including coupler,anchor nut,centralizer,drill bit,anchor plate and hollow bar,etc.we are committed to providing our
customers with the self drilling anchor bolts they need for any project.
Sinorock offers one of the most complete line of construction self drilling anchor system and tools available in the marketplace today.Self Drilling anchor system eliminate separate drilling and tapping operations for faster, more economical installations.
Sinorock serves the construction industry by offering self drilling anchor system as the solutions that improve building integrity and ensure strength and performance under the most demanding conditions.
Sinorock self drilling anchor system products are found in some of the most remarkable structures in the world-many of which are built in seismic zones or face hurricane-force wind-and the company offers the widest range of support services in the construction industry.

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Reinforcement rods structure

Self drilling hollow anchor bar system is the rock and soil reinforcement rods structure. It is one of the main supporting forms of rock slope for underground,plays an important role on stability of civil engineering maintenance, especially it has obvious effect in the joints and fissures in rock mass and anchor rod on rock reinforcement.The self drilling anchor system of the alloy bit has strong penetrating power, under the action of rock drill, can easily penetrate all types of rock mass, and using the exhaust of the anchor head up thoroughly solve the problem above the horizon of the grouting exhaust.
Recent years, self drilling anchor is a new method for supporting global projects, which
has been applied in several projects, such as civil construction, mining, hydroelectric
station and tunneling.Self drilling anchor bolt can not only make construction more
convenient and efficient, but also have effect for permanent supporting. Stainless self
drilling anchor bolt and duplex coating rock bolt are all the anti-corrosion products in
Sinorock. They have not only beautiful appearance, anti-corrosion quality, but also good
strength and high wear resistance.

Sinorock high quality self drilling anchor system works to stabilise foundations and support
structures for excavation, making worksites safer. We work closely with geotechnical
engineers to assist with project design and selection of anchor type after consideration of
ground conditions, ensuring lasting integrity of all our self drilling anchor systems.
Sinorock is your trusted resource for the best tools and accessories for construction and
concrete. We have the highest quality self drilling anchor bolt that are sure to meet your
needs. Our products are offered at competitive prices and are from the best industry brands.
If you want to place a single order or you need a larger supply we have the solutions you
are looking for.   

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Strong hollow bar

Self drilling hollow bars come with couplings, different types of bits, centralizers, nuts and anchor plates, and also several accessories for injection.Our range of Self drilling hollow bar has the following threads : R25, R32, R38, R51, T30,T40,T52 and T103, with several inside diameters.R thread anchor bar or called rock bolt, soil nail, which is a kind of threaded hollow bar , bar surface with an rope thread according to ISO 10208 & 1720. It was firstly invented by MAI on 1960S to solve the low construction speed on complicated underground works, nowadays; it is very popular all around the world.T thread anchor bar surface with a trapezoidal thread, this design of connection is much stronger and reliable when compared with rope thread, we supply full sizes from T30 to T103.
For so long time,Sinorock is an adherent of professional product and excellent service on Self drilling anchor bar system field.Our quality products, prompt delivery, and competitive pricing give our customers the advantage,also the foundation stone for opening the market.The company dedicate its innovation of service and product to gain us much praise from the customers.So the Sinorock is the best choice for most of the construction.
Sinorock is a developed Self drilling anchor bar manufacturer,with its nearly few years industry experience and keen insight into the market,it has become a large-scale enterprise concentrate on Self drilling anchor operation, processing,engineering design and construction,and international trading. From its inception,Sinorock has been committed to providing clients worldwide with a one-stop solution for ground anchor. We have advanced production technology and innovation to improve the safety and productivity performance of our customers in the mining, tunneling and civil construction industries.

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Hollow Bar Micropiles

Hollow Bar Micropiles are drilled into the ground using a sacrificial drill/grout tip while
pressurized grout is pumped down the hollow bar while drilling. Micropiles can be used for
practically any soil condition and load is gained through bond stress between the grout and the
surrounding soils.

Micropiles have the advantage of being the one piling system that has the best chance of penetrating
obstructions during installation. A wide variety of drilling tips are available for different soil
Self-drilling hollow bar methods are also used, involving a hollow anchor bar, a sacrificial bit with
ports, and an external full depth or partial depth casing as needed to control overburden soils. In this case grout is pressurized down through the hollow bar, out the grout ports and a pressure head
is maintained such that the annulus in the soil around the bar is pressurized with grout. When full
or partial depth casing is used, the frictional capacity must be adjusted. The casing in the upper
sections of a micropile can also serve to increase lateral resistance and bending resistance for the
micropile and can assist with more versatile connections to structural components at or above grade.

Sinorock strives to meet your specific hollow anchor bolt needs so you can compete in the anchoring
industry. We offer a wide range of services that add value to your company. The company has
modernised its plant with capability to produce its range of anchor bolts in any quantity to meet the
demand in the Domestic and in the International Market.
Sinorock is known as one of the trusted and reliable wholesalers and suppliers of a wide range of
rock anchoring tools and Machines. These are procured from Sinorock, who design and develop these as
per the defined quality standards. Our valued customers can buy these from us at market leading
prices.Sinorock has provided rock anchoring solutions and project management services for some of the
most significant Civil Infrastructure projects in the world.  

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Strong hollow threaded rod

When Sinorock was founded in 2011, the goal was simple: to provide distributors in the world with
hollow anchor bar along with outstanding service at a competitive price. Over time,Sinorock grew to become a dominant player in the hollow anchor bar market nationwide.
In order to Bright our business area and enlarge our products and have the best sales serve to
establish mutual benefit cooperation relations with the hollow threaded rod customers all of the

As an efficient anchoring measurement,hollow anchor bolt was one of the most vital role in the civil
construction as well as geological engineerings,in which the core is to excavate the surrounding wall
of the engineerings with the utilization of rock anchor ,moreover,anchoring tech helps well in
strengthening underground structure by appling the mutual effectiveness between soils or rock mass to
prevent disasters like landslide,sliding,deformation and so on and guarantee the safety of the

Sinorock is the professional hollow anchor bolt manufacturer for the construction and renovation
industries.Sinorock is a proud partner of the highest quality brands in hollow anchor bolt
manufacturing.We are involved in manufacturing and supplying with the help of huge experience of our
experts for qualitative range of anchor bolt. These anchor bolts are made mostly used in
mining,tunneling,under ground working environment, these hollow anchor bolts are machine friendly
which reduces the time of installation.  

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Hollow bar for concrete

With the increasing requirements of the railway tunnel safety, people are paying more and more attention to the higher geological anchoring technology. Traditional technology may have some shortcomings during the construction under broken rock, loose soil and conditions which are difficult to drill holes, such as fracture zones, decayed rock, gravel, sandy gravel, backfill ground. While self drilling anchor system consists of hollow anchor bar, coupler, nut, plate and sacrificial drill bit. Hollow anchor bar can be used as a drill rod, grouting pipe and source of anchoring force, which makes self drilling anchor system combine drilling, grouting and anchoring functions together.
Different type of drill bits can be used according to different geological conditions so as to achieve optimal result. The application of hollow anchor bar in the railway tunnels will largely save the construction cost and speed up the construction progress.
During construction process of mountain slope, rock face will be damaged after excavation or blast, it may have security problem of small block, so self drilling hollow anchor bar support is always be adopted.

1. When mountain slope fills soil and sweeps away loose rock, blast will be carried out if necessary.
At the same time, safety measures should be prepared well.

2. Positioning. Based on design scheme and geological condition of soil layer, theodolite, digital level and steel tap often are used to confirm self drilling hollow anchor bar’s elevation and separation distance. Then hole site will be determined and marks should be made. Allowable deviation between self drilling anchor’s holes should less than 15mm.

3. Drilling. Drilling machine should be used to form holes, which should be operated according to operating instruction. While drilling, installing anchor bolt to avoid collapse. Error of inclination and horizontal angles should be controlled in 1° and hole deviation rate should be less than 1/100.
During drilling, self drilling hollow anchor bar’s distortion and bend should be avoided.

4. Grouting. Proportion of water and cement paste should be debugged according to actual conditions.
Strength grade of cement should be not less than 30MP. Grouting technology quality requirements

should be confirmed according to trail of self drilling hollow anchor bar. Slurry returns from the bottom of hole until fresh slurry overflows orifice. Once cement face falls back, concrete supplement should be carried out twice in 30 minutes to ensure slurry is full.

5. Installing steel mesh and surface concrete construction.

6. Maintenance. After surface concrete construction, water injection should be done in time: 3 times in a day and no less than 3 days.

Except construction according to standard, quality inspection should be reflected in every link.  

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Hollow bar for civil

Sinorock now manufactures and supplies a complete range of hollow bar products and technical services to the related industries,such as the civil and tunnelling industries.Sinorock’s manufacturing and supply capability includes:self drilling hollow bar, Duplex coating hollow bar system,Stainless self drilling hollow bar system,ect.These products are available in different range. Widely used in soil erosion, slope engineering, mining,
construction, tunnel, large cave supporting and restoration of engineering structure.
The necessity for self drilling hollow bars is increasing in today’s world. They are used in everything that you can imagine.The amount of self drilling hollow bars that is in use each day is a gigantic number and the thought of one company manufacturing all of these self drilling ground anchors is an impossibility. Not only do multiple self drilling hollow bar manufacturers take on the responsibility of supplying many different contractors and construction workers with self drilling hollow anchor bars every day but they also do custom fabrication as well.

All Sinorock self drilling ground anchor systems are equipped with state-of-the-art Taralog computers which provide readings of drilling and concreting parameters.Sinorock self drilling hollow anchor bar systems are built and designed in compliance with the standard ISO, and as a result, we offer superior in-house expertise in self drilling hollow anchor
bar testing (both static and dynamic). This is carried out in the earliest possible stages of the project to enable the client and Sinorock designers to adjust and refine self drilling hollow anchor bar construction pro-actively, rather than re-actively, later in the project.


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Purchase self-drilling anchor

What should we concern when purchasing self-drilling anchor ?
Experienced buyers may find there is a difference in the model types of self-drilling anchor among all suppliers.
Naming methods
Atlas MAI (now belongs to Orica) self-drilling anchors are identified by the combination of alphabets & numbers.
For instance,
R means the rope thread.
32 is the outer diameter of hollow bar.
N represents attributes of tensile strength. The other two are L (less) and S (strengthen).

MAI SDA Specifications
MAI SDA Specifications
Dywidag DSI names the hollow drill hollow bars as the format:
For example, R32-280, is equal to MAI’s R32N.
DSI Drill Rod SDA Specifications
DSI Drill Rod SDA Specifications
Ischebeck Titan and Williams Form’s IBO drill hollow bars are named by diameters.
Their thread forms are also unique.

Williams’ Unique Thread Form self drilling anchor
Technical documents can be downloaded at their official sites.
Williams Form Drill Rod Specifications
Williams Form Drill Rod Specifications
How much is self-drilling anchor bar?
It depends on length, strength, and weight.
Of course, quantity and size affect the end price.
Contact Sinorock to inquire latest price.
What is IBO self-drilling anchor?
SDA is an anchoring system can be used in tunneling industry and ground engineering for safer and faster production.
Sometimes it is known as IBO, drill injection anchor, self drilled hollow bar and so on.
It can be used as rock bolt, micropile or soil nail.
How much does self-drilling hollow bar cost per pound?
The anchor bar is not normally sold by the pound at hardware stores, and industrial applications tend to go by the ton.
Self-drilling anchor is not raw material, processing charges occupy 1/3 of the cost.
Onton masters the skills and technical ability to produce final hollow bars with excellent capacity, able to meet and ensure performances, in compliance with the EN 14199, EN 14490 and US ASTM F432, A615.
Does the threaded anchor comply with my requirements?
All of Sinorock hollow bar anchors fulfill the requirements of design following the European or American Standards.
Don’t worry about the new anchor bolts can’t match with the former couplers. All is based on drawing in standards.
Moreover, Sinorock provides free, customized samples.
Next time when you look for good quality self-drilling anchors, try to ask suppliers more questions not only price.
What would you think if a manufacturer doesn’t understand the standard requirements in your area?
In a word, product doesn’t lie.  

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Self drilling bar system

In today’s society, there are huge projects meant for civil construction and engineering. The infrastructure used in our daily lives all has been created because of civil construction and engineering. The roads, railways, stadiums, harbors, schools and other buildings constructed all are a contribution of civil engineering.So the number of hollow bars is increasing nowadays.
One of the early civil engineering applications of Sinorock prestressing technology was for
anchoring structures into the ground and for stabilizing slopes using ground anchors. Since
then, Sinorock self drilling anchor bars has evolved significantly and our latest
milestone – the anchor bar – has benefitted a wide range of customers. Soil nails,
rock bolts and micropiles complete the range.
Sinorock hollow anchor bar in a wide range of sizes and grades. Sinorock’s program of hollow anchor bar includes several grades of austenitic stainless steel as well as duplex stainless steel.Sinorock provide many sizes of hollow anchor bar for you.  

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Steel hollow bar

Since self-drilling hollow anchor bar construction is strong technical work, each working
procedure must be meticulous operation,otherwise it will effect the whole piece of anchor
rod construction quality because of a process of negligence .Therefore, the operator must be
higher technical quality, a clear division of responsibilities.
The self drilling hollow anchor bar combines drill bolt and hollow rod together and it is
widely used in various engineering conditions including weak rock,loose soil,decayed rocks
and unconsolidable earth mass and so on.
The facilitate of Sinorock steel hollow bar is so easy that it’s the key elements for our agents to choose our anchoring products.We allows customization of self drilling anchor,so the length of rod body can be cut and connected as our customer’s specific requirements.Bonded deep into the rocks by the means of adopting cementitious grout, Sinorock hollow steel bar transfers necessary forces to resist walls from overturning, water tanks from uplift, towers from uplift, dams from rotating and other naturally or phenomenally occurring powers applied to configuration.

Sinorock hollow steel bar are designed and forged to the latest standards as set forth in the Post-Tensioning Institute’s Recommendations for Pre-stressed Rock and Sinorock self drilling anchor. Anchor capacity is a function of the steel capacity as well as the geotechnical holding capacity.


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Hollow bar advantages

With rapid development of economy, hydraulic engineering is more and more. Most of them exist in remote mountainous area with large drop and complicated geological condition, when encountering landslide, debris flow and other natural hazards, they will probably be destroyed. So, as an efficient anchoring method, self drilling hollow bar is widely used in many engineering, such as advance support, radial support, slope reinforcement, subgrade consolidation, river embankment reinforcement, etc.
For the anchoring technology which has drilling operation requirements, drilling is usually the most critical process and directly affect the bearing capacity of the hollow bar . Drilling in the loose stratum or the stratum with groundwater, there is severe hole collapse phenomenon so that it’s necessary to add the casing to match. The use of casing can improve drilling progress, but have adverse effect on the bond between the mortar and the hole wall and meanwhile increase the difficulty and cost of construction.

While hollow bar anchor applies very well for pebbles and boulders stratum. The disturbance part of surrounding rocks can be effectively reinforced through grouting and then the anchorage area will be enlarged. If water leakage appears during the drilling process, the method of blowing cement powder with a high-pressure wind to the hole can form a temporary wall around the drill hole so as to reduce the hole collapse phenomenon.

Hollow bar anchor is suitable for broken rock, loose soil and conditions which are difficult to drill holes, such as fracture zones, decayed rock, gravel, sandy gravel, backfill ground. In order to have optimal result, drill bits can be used differently according to the rock conditions.  

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Hollow anchor bolt

Hollow anchor bolt can simplify drilling, grouting and anchoring processes. It is easy and quick to operate and the construction quality is dependable. The whole length of hollow anchor bolt can be anchoring sufficiently. It’ll immediately provide support resistance after excavation, effectively inhibiting the loosening or deformation of surrounding rocks, which can avoid or reduce roof caving accidents or other diseases during the construction.

In particular, the hollow anchor bar is provided with sufficient and uniform thickness of protective layer, which fully guarantees the durability of the hollow anchor bolt. It is especially suitable for supporting and strengthening the complex strata and broken rocks.  

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Grouting hollow bar

We all know that hollow bars play a critical role in an underground mine by keeping miners safe from falling rock. Good hollow bars are vital to any mining company because if a rock bolt fails, an open section underground could not only collapse and cause fatalities, but also cost a fortune to clean out again. As a reliable and rigorous bolt manufacturer, we can promise that all Sinorock products and services are subject to strict quality control systems and programs that are consistent with the certification requirements of ISO 9001:2008.And the rock bolts produced by the Sinorock are stronger, and create less waste material.

Sinorock is also a bolt manufacturer with perfect service system that can provide our clients an unparalleled level of pre-sale and after-sale service including: a 7*24 hours professional service, after clients receive the products, we will email them to make an after-sales research about the products. Once they have some problems, we will reply in 8 hours. If necessary, we will send experts to help clients solve the problems. Sinorock devotes itself to providing one-stop service for every client and seek long-term development. We'll keep improving the quality of products and service as well as management for better serving clients.
Since the total length of grouting hollow anchor bars with safe and reliable, simple construction and low cost, they are widely used in slope engineering. When hollow bars reinforced slope, depending on the interaction between surrounding rock mass and rock bolt transmitting rod tension, making themselves get reinforced in geotechnical engineering, limiting the deformation, and improving stress state of the mechanical parameters of rock mass and to maintain stability. Due to the hollow bars load transfer mechanism is very complicated, so far still assumes that the lateral resistance distribution patterns in rock bolts design is uniform distribution. But a large number of measured results show that it is unreasonable according to uniform distribution pattern calculated. In recent years, with the development of computer technology, numerical simulation methods are widely used in geotechnical engineering, adopting double spring hollow bar element, the establishment of a model of Highway slope was simulated excavation process of the hollow bars reinforcement effect, the effective anchorage length of rock bolts and sliding surfaces, resulting in:

1.In slope anchorage engineering, hollow bars exist an effective length, when the rock bolts length is greater than the effective length, continuing to increase the length does not improve the safety factor of slope; When the hollow bars length is less than effective length, the relationship between slope safety factor and anchor length conforms to the linear features.

2. With the increase of hollow bars length, the potential sliding surface of slope gradually moves inside the slope, the failure mode from shallow sliding into deep sliding; when it comes to an effective anchorage length of hollow bar length, sliding surface of slope position mutation, quickly close to slope surface.

3. The distribution of each layer of hollow bar axial force along the length is uneven, rock bolt axis force generally performs the law for middle big and on both sides small; When there is external disturbance and degradation of rock mass slope, bolt axial force value of slope bottom is maximum, therefore, you should not arbitrarily reduce the bottom bolt length in practical engineering. For a permanent bolting slope with using load, we can appropriately extend bottom bolt length when necessary.  

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